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9th February 2009

3 selects Clash-Media to enhance Digital Marketing – ahead of strict 2009 sales targets

* Proactive Online Lead Generation will enable 3 to distribute thousands of free sim cards to new ‘hot' consumer leads
* Clash-Media’s unique offering is specifically for telecoms and mobile phone operators
* Follows successful pilot campaigns for Orange and T-Mobile

Clash-Media, the leading Proactive Online Lead Generation organisation, has been awarded a major new contract from 3, the mobile network operator. Clash-Media will develop a bespoke digital marketing campaign for 3 that will generate thousands of unique, fresh and hot consumer leads – ahead of 3's strict 2009 sales targets to increase its share of the UK 'Pay As You Go' market. Performance based marketing techniques, such as Proactive Online Lead Generation, are growing in popularity amongst mobile phone operators because they allow marketing managers to account for every penny of their budget.


3 launched the UK's first 3G network in 2003 with the fastest mobile network rollout in UK telecoms history and now has over three million UK customers. As part of the order, Clash-Media will design and host advertising campaigns and consumer offers from 3 on its Lead and Data Network of over 500 Websites and publishers. This will allow 3 to distribute free 'Pay as you go' sim cards to people who have expressed a direct interest in becoming a 3 customer. This latest order follows successful pilot campaigns from both Orange and T-Mobile.


“More and more companies are recognising the benefits and flexibility of Proactive Online Lead Generation and using it to really maximise sales leads,” commented Luke Pursey, UK Managing Director of Clash-Media. “The bottom line is that every single company needs sales leads to survive, but the lead requirements of a top mobile phone provider are different from that of a financial organisation, for example. This is where the flexibility of OLG really comes into play.


“We have developed a unique offering for 3, in line with its own sales techniques, that will really boost consumer leads. OLG as a sim card distribution model really enables 3 to target the most responsive audience and not waste time, money and resources contacting uninterested people. Because of the rapid response rate, data quality processes and large volumes provided, we are confident that this new campaign will really help achieve sales targets for 3.”




29th January 2009

Clash-Media releases new Online Marketing Guide

* Proactive Online Lead Generation could be the answer to many marketing departments' problems during the economic downturn £1.3 billion spent on online advertising in first half of 2008
* Full report available here

Clash-Media, the Proactive Online Lead Generation specialist, has announced the launch of a new Online Marketing guide: “Proactive Online Lead Generation – The next important development in Internet Marketing”. This new guide will help marketeers to navigate through the large and diversifying online advertising marketplace, where £1.3 billion was spent in the first half of 2008.


The online marketing industry has experienced rapid growth – almost reaching parity with traditional methods such as television advertising – which has meant that many new services are available. The challenge facing marketing managers is finding which are the best ways to exploit the opportunities of online marketing. The new Guide describes the different methods of online lead generation and outlines both their advantages and inefficiencies. It explains exactly how the latest techniques of Proactive Online Lead Generation work in the context of other internet marketing technologies and gives examples of how major organisations are using the new techniques to great effect.


“As organisations throughout the UK look more closely at all expenditure – especially marketing and advertising – there is a greater burden on marketing departments to demonstrate not only value for money, but also a strong return on investment,” commented Luke Pursey, Managing Director, Clash UK. “Proactive Online Lead Generation delivers in all of the key areas that marketing departments need to show results, so it is a great fit for a large number of organisations.”


Proactive Online Lead Generation from Clash-Media also enables organisations to expand internationally. With offices now in New York, Munich, Copenhagen, Paris and London, Clash-Media can facilitate campaigns that collect leads from almost any country in the world. As the home market becomes more uncertain, companies can widen the net for potential customers.




9th January 2009

Clash-Media extends UK customer base with leading clients including Scottish Power, Orange, Talk Talk and Asda

* Now generates over 3 million online sales leads per month worldwide
* Clients ‘Rapid response’ ensures leads are delivered direct to a CRM system or contact centre for immediate conversion

Clash-Media, the leading Proactive Online Lead Generation organisation, has announced that it now produces over 3 million fully qualified online leads every month for over 600 top brands across a variety of industries – such as Scottish Power, Orange, Talk Talk and Asda. Clash-Media’s unique Online Lead Generation techniques collect fully opted-in leads for clients, which can then be delivered direct to a contact centre or CRM system for immediate follow-up. This ‘rapid response’ approach results in higher conversion rates to ensure companies maximise the Return on Investment for their marketing budgets.


Clash-Media uses its Lead and Data Network of thousands of leading websites and publishers to provide high volumes of un-incentivised consumer data, so clients can be sure the consumers have an active interest in their product or service. As well as this, Clash-Media uses its own extensive data cleansing methods to ensure its leads are fully contactable and only the most relevant leads are passed on to the client, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Clients can also opt to pay on a cost-per-lead basis so if they have already obtained the lead from another source, they can reject that lead in favour of a new one. This flexible approach ensures clients keep maximum control of their marketing budgets and really optimise their resources.


“We are delighted to be announcing such rapid growth figures,” commented Luke Pursey, UK Managing Director, Clash-Media. “It's fantastic that many leading brands are realising the value Online Lead Generation can add to their marketing mix. The great thing about it is that it complements other forms of marketing such as postal, telephone, television and direct mail, so if a company is already using these methods, they can add Online Lead Generation to enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns. Critically, organisations are able to keep complete control over their budgets, which now more than ever, is a major issue for marketing managers.


“We are now working with instantly recognisable names such as Littlewoods and Harveys, as well as charities like Action Aid and Friends of the Earth,” Luke Pursey continued. “The diverse range of industries opting to add Online Lead Generation to their marketing campaigns really shows how effective the method can be in collecting a wide variety of leads, from shoppers to people wishing to make charitable donations, to those wishing to change energy supplier. We are also working with newer online companies such as Beat That Quote, a price comparison website. Clash-Media has rapid growth plans in place for the coming months and I believe we can continue to attract these and other leading brands to Online Lead Generation.”


Clash-Media has just secured a further £1.5 million of funding from investment company MMC Ventures to support its European expansion. Clash-Media currently has offices in London, New York, Copenhagen, Munich and France, and plans to add operations in Spain and Italy.




11th December 2008

Customers of Online Lead Generation need standards – too many people just don’t know what they’re getting Says Clash-Media’s UK Managing Director, Luke Pursey

An industry standard and stricter compliance with UK and European data protection laws are now, more than ever, essential for the Online Lead Generation sector. There are more and more companies now calling for action – through the IAB – on these issues, which is something that should be welcomed throughout the industry.


It’s important that there is some official guidance on what constitutes Online Lead Generation, asserting minimum levels of quality and stipulating independent validation. These measures, if put in place, would help to strengthen this sector of the marketing industry, which is a significant growth area at the moment.


At Clash-Media, we are very much in support of this kind of initiative. We are partnered with many organisations throughout the industry and we share many similar values for Online Lead Generation and data-based marketing with them. Clash-Media gathers leads through the internet – which can then be pursued either online or offline – and adheres to its own internal quality specifications. The quality and relevance of every lead is of the utmost importance, because poor quality leads directly impact a client’s return on investment opportunities. Clash-Media is continually improving its processes to ensure that it delivers the highest quality.


Recent technology developments mean that data cleansing and verification are now more accurate and offer clients the security and knowledge that they are receiving unique leads that are relevant to their campaign. This quality assurance is one issue that needs to be tackled as part of a roll-out of industry standards because currently there are too many data providers that cannot guarantee any kind of quality or relevance, so marketing departments simply don’t know what they’re getting.


Linus Gregoriadis, Head of Research at E-consultancy, said: "I applaud action taken by Clash-Media to push for the implementation of industry standards around online lead generation. This will continue to be a growth area as the focus on performance-based marketing activity increases. However, there is a threat to this sector posed by those who are providing sub-standard data and undermining the work of more reputable companies who are striving for best practice and the implementation of industry standards. Without some concrete measures in place, too many people will become disillusioned as the result of dealing with providers of sub-par data."


Clash-Media currently delivers highly targeted and individually gathered leads to the UK, US, Scandinavia and Germany – and gathers them from even further afield than that. It has standardised its processes to bring consistent quality to its service and we will bring this experience to the fore in the debate around industry standards.




4th December 2008

Proactive Online Lead Generation helps catalogue retailers boost sales in the run up to Christmas

* Proactive digital marketing from Clash-Media enables leading catalogue retailers to target the most responsive audiences
* Campaigns created for top high street brands – Bravissimo and Littlewoods Direct


Clash-Media, the leading Proactive Online Lead Generation specialist, has announced a major take up of its digital marketing services from some of the UK’s leading catalogue retailers as part of their seasonal marketing initiatives. Brands such as Bravissimo, Littlewoods Direct and Hotel Chocolat are now utilising Proactive Online Lead Generation to enhance their catalogue distribution models. In October alone, over 35,000 new and targeted consumer leads have been generated for the companies – providing a significant boost to their customer sales.


In the current financial climate companies are continuously looking for ways to cut spend, without impacting sales. Printing represents a significant cost for catalogue companies so sending out unnecessary and unwanted copies is a waste of resource. Clash-Media’s performance-based Online Lead Generation campaigns only provide leads for consumers who have expressed a direct interest and opted in to receiving a catalogue from a specific company. This ensures that leads are hot and more likely to convert into a sale which optimises marketing costs. As part of the agreements, Clash-Media designs and hosts the campaigns on its Lead and Data Network of over 500 websites and publishers, including GMTV, Tiscali and Facebook.


“Proactive Online Lead Generation can act as a very cost-effective and powerful distribution model for various organisations and we are noticing that more and more catalogue companies are benefiting from adding this new strategy into their marketing mix,” commented Luke Pursey, UK Managing Director, Clash-Media.


“Performance-based marketing is certainly coming to the forefront with the current market conditions – with marketing managers having to prove ROI from any initiatives that they undertake. Traditional direct mailing campaigns have often been criticised for wasting both time and money, as well as not being seen as the most ‘green’ DM approach. Proactive Online Lead Generation is targeted, can be switched on or off quickly and can provide a significant and important boost to any campaign. This performance-driven approach enables retailers to drive seasonal sales,” Luke Pursey concluded.




4th December 2008

Clash-Media appoints Edward Bussey as Non-Executive Director

* Former Senior Vice President of will offer strategic advice as Clash-Media continues its international expansion
* Appointment follows recent investment from MMC Ventures – which added a further £1.5 million of funding


Clash-Media, the leading Proactive Online Lead Generation organisation, has appointed a new Non-Executive Director to the company's advisory board. Edward Bussey brings substantial marketing, sales and entrepreneurial experience to Clash-Media – particularly in developing digital start-up businesses and launching them out into new markets. Clash-Media has grown significantly over the last two years following its launch and now operates out of the UK, US, Germany and across Scandinavia. The company offers a range of global Proactive Online Lead Generation and direct marketing services for organisations looking to generate sales leads around the world.


Prior to joining Clash-Media, Edward Bussey was Chief Operating Officer for, a social networking and online management tool enabling mobile phone users to back-up and share their handsets’ information, which was recently acquired by the Vodafone Group. While at, he was responsible for directing global branding, marketing and operations strategy for the company, including extending the service to 12 new markets. Edward Bussey has also held many senior management positions at companies including Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotels, where he acts as an E-Commerce Advisor to the executive board, and, where he was a founding member of the leading B2C internet retailer, and launched the company into the US.


Simon Wajcenberg, CEO, Clash-Media commented: “Clash-Media's performance based marketing model has clearly demonstrated the capability to deliver impressive sales results for some of the world’s leading organisations. We are going through an exciting growth phase so it is important to continue expanding our board of directors and management team with highly experienced industry professionals.


“Edward Bussey's entrepreneurial, commercial and digital business experience is second to none and it is this knowledge that will be pivotal in taking Clash-Media to the next level and driving it through the next phase of our international growth plan. Edward Bussey has a strong network of contacts and will play an important role in assisting Clash-Media to put in place strategic processes which will create a strong foundation on which to continue growing.”


“The Online Lead Generation sector is one of the fastest growing within the digital marketing industry and Clash-Media is gaining momentum as the market leader,” said Edward Bussy, Non-Executive Director, Clash-Media. “With strong growth figures for its performance marketing techniques and its recent investment boost from MMC Ventures, future prospects for the company look compelling. I am delighted to be a part of such a promising organisation as it secures further foothold in the industry.”




24th October 2008

Clash-Media secures next stage of investment to support international expansion

* MMC Ventures adds a further £1.5 million of funding as Clash-Media continues with significant growth


Clash-Media, the leading Proactive Online Lead Generation organisation, has secured a further £1.5 million of funding from MMC Ventures, which has provided Clash with growth capital since first investing £2 million in June 2007. Clash-Media has established itself as a clear market leader in the recently emerged and quickly growing Online Lead Generation sector and the additional capital will support its European expansion as it adds offices in France, Spain and Italy to its UK, Scandinavian, German and US operations. The investment will also enable it to add further developments to its underlying technology, which delivers the most advanced performance-based lead generation on the market.


“Our proven business model has resulted in this second round of investment from MMC Ventures. We have exceeded our growth targets so far and fully intend to continue doing that,” commented Simon Wajcenberg, CEO of Clash-Media. “Businesses need genuine sales leads to keep and grow market share and in today’s slowing economic conditions we are finding that more and more organisations are seeing the real value of our approach to performance-based Online Lead Generation.”


“Clash-Media has demonstrated significant growth, steady profitability and a stable business model, which really sets it apart from many companies that are struggling in the current market conditions,” added Ben Richardson Investment Director at MMC Ventures. “We feel that Clash has excellent potential to continue producing the stellar results we have seen over the past couple of years going into 2009. The market is open to such a performance-driven solution that can increase an organisation’s sales.”


“Marketing professionals who are finding their budgets need to work harder to produce the same rates of return are delighted to find they can actually increase their performance with Online Lead Generation,” continued Luke Pursey, Clash-Media UK’s Managing Director. “Because we are client profile driven, we can ensure value for money on the leads that we can generate. All data is hot and relevant to the client we’re dealing with – enhancing their prospects for new customer wins. Everything we do is high quality and fully measurable and there is always a demand for that kind of approach because you can clearly see the return on investment.”


Clash-Media has also grown in industry recognition throughout 2008. MMC Ventures won the award for Most Promising Investment in a Creative Industry Business – for its investment in Clash-Media – at the British Business Angels Association (BBAA) Awards. Clash-Media is also currently a finalist in the Young Business category at the Growing Business Awards.




24th October 2008

Two thirds of European companies generate leads online with the intention of converting them offline

* Clash-Media unveils results of new industry research
* Companies want to contact new sales leads via telephone or post but often can’t due to dirty data
* Stringent data cleansing processes are needed to ensure successful, fast conversion


Major new research from Clash-Media, the leading European Online Lead Generation company, has revealed that 65 per cent of European organisations generate leads online with the intention of converting them offline – through methods such as telephone or post. The research, which was carried out for Clash-Media by leading research firm E-consultancy, shows that while many European companies want to convert leads offline, a customer’s phone or postal details aren’t always up-to-date or correct – so companies are not able to covert thousands of sales leads. 33 per cent of companies felt that the accuracy of consumer contact details was the most important thing when using lead generation.


‘The research demonstrates that more needs to be done to eliminate so called ‘dirty data’ – data that is of poor quality or unusable. 67 per cent of participants said that matching leads to their exact needs and thoroughly checking data’s usability was the most important element of OLG. Clash-Media collects leads to a company’s specific requirements, so each one is brand new and unique to the client. This means that the leads delivered are all directly within the target market, which dramatically increases conversion rates. Each lead is also fully tested through Clash-Media’s rigorous cleansing processes to ensure every method of contacting the lead is usable and there are no ‘dead’ leads.


“This research really highlights the importance of data quality,” commented Frank Tausendfreund, Director, Clash-Media Germany. “With two thirds of companies using Online Lead Generation to make the conversions offline, contactability is key. With traditional online data collection, data companies gather the leads from a huge database and pick the ones that fit the client’s filter criteria. However with our Online Lead Generation, we collect new, fresh leads specifically for the client, so the data we supply is guaranteed to be up-to-date. There is no telling with traditional data houses how long the data has been sitting there, and people’s data could have changed, their address or telephone number for example.


“At Clash-Media we also have stringent data cleansing process which check the new leads again once they have been collected for the client,” Frank Tausendfreund continued. “We check all of the data supplied and ensure the contact information is correct and usable. At this stage we remove any irrelevant leads that have slipped through the net, so by the time the leads are delivered they are of the highest quality possible. We also pride ourselves on having leads that are double opted-in, which means the consumer has already agreed to be contacted by a preferred method. This complies with all of the strict laws on permission marketing in Germany – a real advantage for Clash-Media clients – and the higher the quality of the lead, the better the chance of a successful, measurable conversion.”




27th October 2008

Clash-Media launches new lead generation Path Partnering service to link advertisers and websites through fully customisable digital marketing campaigns

* New solution will enable any website owner to monetise their website’s traffic and at the same time help Clash-Media’s clients to access a wider range of consumer real-time leads


Clash-Media, the leading Proactive Online Lead Generation organisation, has launched a new partnering initiative to connect advertisers with website publishers based purely on the relevance of the site’s traffic. Clash-Media will revolutionise Online Lead Generation with this Path Partnering approach by offering fully customisable campaigns to web publishers based on whether they can provide relevant leads for Clash-Media’s clients.


‘Path Partnering’ enables any website to maximise profitability without affecting its look and feel in any way – as every offer or marketing intervention can be amended to precisely match the website’s formatting and branding. The high relevance of the leads generated in this way helps to optimise sales conversion rates for businesses in any sector.


“Our whole business is built around delivering high quality leads to our clients – no matter how niche or specialised the demographics of the leads that they require,” commented Simon Wajcenberg, CEO of Clash-Media. “We are bringing together the publishers of these websites with the businesses that want leads in these specialised areas. All of this happens within a very transparent and measurable framework, so that we can optimise our clients’ return on investment.”


The new ‘Path Partnering’ model will be easy for advertisers and publishers to access and use – they will be given visibility of every offer available so that they can chose which they feel will work best on their website. They then have access to quick, easy and accurate reporting to see exactly how well certain campaigns are working and how much revenue they are generating for themselves.


“Our network of website publishers is vital to our overall performance – as that is what gives us access to some of the specific demographics that clients request from us. We need to provide a service that will not detrimentally affect a partner’s site, which is why we’ve done a lot of work to make sure that any offer a publisher picks up enhances their site. They need visitors to stay on their sites and we need them to click through our offers – so we’ve taken many steps to ensure that happens,” Simon Wajcenberg continued.


New I-Frame technology will decrease the amount of everyday management that is required of publishers. Clash-Media has automated many of the processes that have previously created barriers to take-up. It has designed customisable templates for offers so that publishers can take the ‘creative’ that Clash-Media has made for its clients and ensure that they integrate fully with their individual websites.




15th October 2008

Clash-Media appoints Paul Midson as new UK Sales Director

* Former Head of Digital Sales for Experian will head up UK sales team and help drive next phase of company growth
* Appointment follows strong strategic company growth – with launch into five countries in the last year


Clash-Media, the leading Proactive Online Lead Generation organisation, has announced the appointment of a new UK Sales Director to support the company’s rapidly growing UK operations. Paul Midson brings over ten years’ experience in the direct and digital marketing industries and will head up the UK sales team and help drive the next phase of company growth. This latest appointment follows a period of strong strategic expansion which has seen the company experience growth of over 400 per cent and open offices in New York, across Scandinavia and in Germany.


Prior to joining Clash-Media, Paul Midson was Head of Digital Sales for leading data company, Experian, where he co-ordinated the forecasting and management of the digital budgets and was responsible for the team achieving over 1 million pounds of sales. He has also held senior account management positions at Wegener Direct Marketing and Acxiom, where he was responsible for increasing and generating revenue across a variety of sectors.


Simon Wajcenberg, CEO, Clash-Media commented: “Clash-Media’s Online Lead Generation is a unique offering as it allows marketers to proactively target consumers online and generate relevant and hot sales leads. Over the last year, we have experienced tremendous growth and invested heavily in the technology needed to support our organisation and really establish Clash-Media within the digital marketing industry. With his proven track-record and impressive experience in both the direct and digital marketing sectors, Paul Midson will play a pivotal role in supporting our UK customer and sales expansion and help take Clash-Media’s growth drive forward.”


“In today’s highly competitive but cost sensitive marketplace, implementing effective and measurable marketing strategies is vital to the success of any organisation,” added Paul Midson, Sales Director, Clash-Media. “Over the last 10 years I have seen the marketing industry develop considerably and become increasingly competitive but for Clash-Media to be able to offer something new to the market is both interesting and exciting. I look forward to working with such a forward thinking team as the company continues to expand.”

Clash-Media’s key charity accounts currently include: AXA, Next, Harveys and L’Oreal.




16th July 2008

Leading utility companies enhance marketing campaigns with Online Lead Generation from Clash-Media

* Over 10,000 new, hot leads already generated for energy providers Scottish Power and npower
* Online Lead Generation complements other forms of marketing such as comparison websites and TV advertising
* Ensures energy providers can quickly and easily advertise new promotions during period of heightened competition


Leading utility companies, Scottish Power and npower, have extended their digital marketing campaigns with Clash-Media, the foremost proactive ad-based Online Lead Generation organisation. The campaigns, which have been brokered through media planning agencies, will enable the energy providers to use the web to directly target consumers interested in saving money on their utility bills. More and more companies are choosing to include proactive ad-based Online Lead Generation in their marketing mix because of the ability to rapidly target campaigns at specific demographics.


With utility bills set to increase by over 40 per cent by the end of the year, consumers are keen to find more cost effective providers with more favourable rates. Clash-Media has already generated over 10,000 new leads for the energy providers via banner advertising on its industry leading ‘Lead and Data Network’, which comprises over 500 websites and publishers including MSN, Tiscali and MySpace. From there, users are directed along a sales path which confirms their interest to receive further information from the company in question.


Luke Pursey, UK Managing Director, Clash-Media commented: “Utility companies use a variety of marketing and advertising strategies – from price comparison sites and email marketing to TV advertising – to promote their latest offers. Supporting these campaigns with Online Lead Generation (OLG) not only re-enforces the key marketing messages but also provides the flexibility to generate customers for new products as they are launched. For example, a company may launch a new TV advert on the Monday morning alongside an OLG campaign and be contacting leads by the afternoon – it is that quick.


“The beauty of ad-based Online Lead Generation is that it can be turned on and off quickly and very easily. Hot, fully qualified leads can be delivered directly to an organisation’s contact centre for immediate follow up – resulting in increased turnaround time. Many companies are choosing to tighten their belts this year – especially where marketing is concerned. However with OLG, clients can opt to pay on a ‘Cost Per Lead’ (CPL) basis giving them complete control over budgets.” concluded Luke Pursey.


Clash-Media adds to its three million-plus database of consumer leads at a rate of 200,000 per month, all of whom fully opt-in, and have provided detailed profiles on their interests. Clash-Media’s key accounts currently include L’Oreal, Toyota, Cheapflights and AXA.




2nd July 2008

Clash-Media launches extended Email Marketing service to enhance Online Lead Generation capabilities

* Increased exposure offers companies new way to improve conversion rates and increase sales
* Capitalises on finding that 29 per cent of online consumers buy immediately following an offer


Clash-Media, the leading digital marketing specialist, has launched a new extended Email Marketing service as part of its unique Proactive Online Lead Generation offering. Marketers can now, for the first time, access a service that integrates leads gathered online into a coordinated email and phone-based direct marketing campaign. A new study from Forrester Research Inc. found that 29 per cent of all online consumers buy immediately following an offer – Clash's new service helps companies capitalise on this.


Clash provides pre-qualified sales leads and then multiple opportunities to put an offer in front of a customer, helping to increase product exposure and conversion rates. Companies can now pursue leads using a combination of telephone calls and emails to either finalise a sale or prompt customers into action.


“This kind of campaign maximises the opportunity to convert a lead because significant activity and opportunities to 'buy' are presented at the time when customers are most interested,” commented Simon Wajcenberg, CEO of Clash-Media. “Properly prepared and executed contact can dramatically enhance conversion rates – improving the cost benefits of the entire marketing initiative.”


Online Lead Generation produces leads from opt-in campaigns, hosted on carefully selected sites across the Internet. Consumers submit their contact details and preferences for different products and services, providing companies with a profile for offers that may be relevant. As soon as a consumer submits their email address, an auto-respond email is sent, allowing companies to forward sales collateral that reinforces the offer that the customer is interested in. With the enhanced service, Clash now offers clients across all sectors the opportunity to contact potential customers repeatedly by email following opt-in.


Forrester Research Inc.'s study found that consumers buying products based on emails spend 138 per cent more online than peers who do not buy through email, which has contributed to the method's popularity, with 94 per cent of marketers now using email marketing as part of their marketing mix. With this in mind, Simon added: “For real effect, it is essential that any email marketing is integrated into the overall marketing mix; you need fully qualified leads in order to generate high conversion rates and you need telephone sales agents who can follow up on emails. All of these techniques work together and complement one another – producing higher conversion rates for the business.”




4 June 2008

Over fifty percent of marketers' budgets now spent online

* TV and press advertising only offline marketing to show increase


Major new research for Clash-Media, the UK’s leading Interactive Online Lead Generation organisation, has revealed that over 50 per cent of an average marketer’s budget is now spent online. According to the research, over 70 per cent of companies use Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search and e-mail marketing to in-house lists. The same research shows the use of offline marketing methods has largely decreased, with only press and television advertising growing, and that over 90 per cent of marketers see Online Lead Generation as a growth area – up from 82 per cent last year.


The research, which was carried out for Clash Media by leading research firm, E-consultancy, revealed that 75 per cent of respondents now see Online Lead Generation as its own distinct area of online marketing and that 60 per cent of organisations still feel that they are not effectively exploiting it as a marketing method. Many companies use passive Search Engine Optimisation methods, which rely on a prospect actively searching for their product or service as opposed to Proactive Online Lead Generation, which uses the web to seek out potential prospects and deliver fully qualified leads for interested buyers.


“The increased use of online marketing methods shows how the market is changing,” commented Luke Pursey, UK Managing Director, Clash-Media. “Organisations have lessened their use of marketing methods such as postal, telephone and radio, in favour of online methods. The most encouraging difference from last year’s report is that now marketers are finally beginning to recognise Proactive Online Lead Generation as its own area of online marketing and not as a sub-division of affiliate marketing. The disconnect now is not getting people to understand what Online Lead Generation is, but helping them to make the most of it and maximise its potential as an extremely effective online marketing tool.


“It is interesting to note that the only two offline marketing methods which have increased in use are press and television,” Luke Pursey continued. “These are the two offline methods which can be most easily linked to online marketing channels such as Search Engine Optimisation and Proactive Online Lead Generation. Companies are increasingly taking an integrated approach to their advertising, which is good because no one marketing tool will ever be 100 per cent efficient. The way to achieve the best results is to realise that many methods have their own individual benefits – with Online Lead Generation this is that it’s not only very effective on its own, it can also fully support other campaigns in your marketing mix. Creating a really effective mix will help organisations to form a genuinely holistic marketing campaign.”





4 June 2008

Clash-Media generates over 100,000 new leads for top travel brands through Online Lead Generation

* Bespoke direct campaigns designed for companies including, Visit Wales, and P&O Ferries
* Rapid increase in brochure requests and newsletter subscriptions


London, UK – Clash-Media, the UK’s leading Online Lead Generation organisation, has generated over 100,000 new leads so far this year for some of the UK’s top travel companies. Marketing campaigns for the travel sector are very seasonal and travel organisations such as Visit Wales,, HotelClub and P&O Ferries are choosing to add Online Lead Generation to their marketing mix because of the ability to turn campaigns on and off within minutes. Working with Clash-Media allows travel companies to have access to highly measurable direct and digital marketing techniques including Online Lead Generation and email marketing.


A recent survey by Which? magazine found that over 80 per cent of its members researched and/or booked a holiday online – highlighting a growing trend towards consumers choosing the web over high street branches. With this in mind, it is vital that travel organisations have an effective and measurable online marketing strategy in place to target consumers genuinely interested in receiving further information. Clash-Media has already generated over 40,000 leads for Visit Wales, the company responsible for the promotion and development of tourism in Wales and over 16,000 newsletter subscriptions have been achieved, in one month alone, for Ski Horizon, a leading skiing holiday booking site.


“The travel and tourism sector is extremely competitive in the UK and with more and more consumers choosing to research and buy holidays and travel products online, it is vital that travel companies effectively utilise this marketing channel,” commented Diana Herriott, Marketing Director, Clash-Media. “Travel marketing is very seasonal, but the beauty of Online Lead Generation is that it enables customers to turn the campaign on and off – according to both budget and the number of leads required. For example, if a client only needs 5,000 leads in July from women with two children living in the London area, our stringent data cleansing processes will allow us to do just that.”


“Brochure printing represents a significant cost for travel companies. Online Lead Generation can reduce the cost by targeting expenditure at only customers that are genuinely interested. The added benefit of only dealing with interested customers is a higher conversion rate,” Diana continued.


Online Lead Generation is a very measurable and cost effective way for travel companies to generate high volumes of quality leads from consumers interested in receiving more information. As part of the campaigns, Clash-Media designs online banner ad campaigns and hosts them on its Lead and Data network of over 500 websites and publishers. Once a consumer clicks on an advert it takes them down a data capture path. This is where important information is captured on the person’s requirements and interests and it is this relevant information that is then passed on to the company to follow up.

Clash-Media’s key travel accounts currently include:, Visit Wales, Orlando Info, HotelClub and P&O Ferries.




May 2008

Clash-Media launches digital marketing solution for Telecoms organisations and Mobile Phone Operators

* Bespoke Online Lead Generation campaigns will enable telecoms providers to distribute free sim cards to new ‘hot leads’
* Can provide up to 100,000 new leads each month
* Follows successful pilot campaigns for Orange, 02 and T-Mobile


Clash-Media, the UK’s leading Online Lead Generation organisation, has launched a new digital marketing solution developed specifically for the unique marketing needs of telecoms organisations and mobile phone operators. For the first time, Clash-Media’s bespoke Online Lead Generation campaigns will generate up to 100,000 new ‘hot leads’ for these companies each month. All leads will be from consumers who are genuinely interested in receiving a free sim card – dramatically increasing sales conversion rates.


Clash-Media’s new digital marketing offering comes after successful pilot campaigns with leading mobile phone operators Orange, 02 and T-Mobile. The campaigns ran for just over a month and generated over 150,000 unique leads for the organisations. Online Lead Generation is one of the newest and fastest growing forms of web-based digital marketing, with the market expected to double in size over the next two years. Its controlled and rapid lead generation techniques are making this a popular addition to many companies’ marketing mix.


“Many telecoms companies and mobile phone operators have been using a variety of marketing strategies to assist them with their sim card distributions,” commented Simon Wacjenberg, CEO, Clash-Media. “Some were finding that techniques such as affiliate marketing were not giving them the volume of relevent leads they required, or the level of control and flexibiltiy needed so they approached Clash-Media about adding Online Lead Generation to their marketing mix.


“Organisations find that the speed and flexibility of Online Lead Generation results in a far more cost effective and controlled digital marketing campaign. Companies are able to specify exacly how many and what kinds of leads they require, for example they may need 20,000 leads that are men between the ages of 20 and 40 living in London. It is this level of targeting that will mean the difference between a hot and cold lead. OLG is also a viable solution for smaller telecoms organisations because they are able to set the amount of leads they require according to their individual budgets.”


How it works: Clash-Media’s Online Lead Generation service
As part of the new telecoms offering, Clash-Media’s clients can opt to pay on a ‘cost per lead’ basis for new and unique leads – meaning that if the company has already obtained a contact from another source, they can reject the lead in favour of a new one. This flexibility will enable telecoms companies to remain in control of the amount of leads it requires as well as its marketing budget at all times – vital when managing an integrated marketing campaign. Clash-Media designs campaigns for each client, which are then carried out on its Lead and Data Network – comprising over 500 Websites and publishers including MSN, Tiscali and Myspace. Clash-Media then uses leading-edge technology to verify and cleanse the leads, which can be automatically delivered directly to an organisation’s contact centre – resulting in rapid follow up


Clash-Media adds to its one million-plus database of consumer leads at a rate of 200,000 per month, all of whom fully opt-in, and have provided detailed profiles on their interests. Clash-Media’s key accounts currently include Whiskas, Toyota, Cheapflights and AXA.




April 2008

World leading car manufacturers take up Online Lead Generation Services to increase customer sales

* Clash-Media creates campaigns for top brands including Seat, Citroen, Toyota and Renault
* Over 1,500 new sales leads generated for top car companies
* Stringent data cleansing ensures they only receive relevant leads


Clash-Media, the UK’s leading Online Lead Generation Company, has announced the rapid take up of its digital marketing services from some of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Clash-Media has developed a series of bespoke Online Lead Generation campaigns for car brands including Seat, Toyota, VolksWagen and Renault – to provide them with large volumes of new and targeted consumer sales leads. Clash-Media has already generated over 1,500 new leads for these companies, with campaigns in place for the coming months.

The surge of car retailers taking up Online Lead Generation highlights the growing trend of more and more companies utilising this new digital marketing technique as part of their overall marketing strategies.


Clash-Media designs online banners and adverts offering consumers the chance to receive a free test drive, for example. These are hosted on Clash-Media’s Lead and Data Network of over 500 publishers and websites – including GMTV, Tiscali and MySpace. Users are then directed through a sales path and encouraged to provide detailed information about their interests – which results in them being sent a brochure from the relevant car retailer. Clash-Media uses its unique data cleansing processes to verify and cleanse the leads, so that only the most relevant are passed on to the companies’ sales teams to follow up.


“Car manufacturers engage in complex marketing and advertising campaigns using a variety of different media however, their direct marketing activities often don’t have a measurable impact on the sales process,” commented Luke Pursey, UK Managing Director for Clash-Media. “Online Lead Generation is one of the newest forms of direct digital marketing, and because of its measurability and speed companies can receive high volumes of hot leads very quickly.


“Car brands, for example, are often marketed for a specific lifestyle so the ability to target online campaigns is becoming more and more important. Online Lead Generation enables this level of targeting and because of our stringent data cleansing processes we are able to only pass on the most relevant sales leads. Seat, for example advertises its new cars for city living and only wants to receive leads from people living in and around London,” Luke Pursey added.


Clash-Media currently adds to its one million-plus database of consumer leads at a rate of 200,000 per month, all of whom fully opt-in, and have provided detailed profiles on their interests. Clash-Media’s key car brand accounts currently include, Seat, Fiat, Citreon, Toyota, Renault and VW.




31 January 2008

Clash-Media announces two new Director Appointments to support rapidly growing UK and Global Operations

* Former European Finance Director for will play key role in expansion
* Current Sales Director, Luke Pursey, promoted to UK Managing Director


Clash-Media the UK’s leading Online Lead Generation company, has announced two new director-level appointments to support the company’s rapidly growing UK and global operations. Stephen Hunt has been appointed as Finance Director and Luke Pursey has been named as the new UK Managing Director. The new appointments follow the opening of Clash-Media offices in New York and Copenhagen and a period of strong strategic growth that has seen the company grow by over 400 per cent in the last year alone.


Both Luke Pursey and Stephen Hunt bring significant industry experience to the roles, with Luke co-founding Clash-Media in 2006 and taking on the role of the company’s Sales Director. Luke has been on the Board of Directors at Clash-Media since its launch, but only recently adopted the role of UK Managing Director. Prior to joining Clash-Media, Stephen Hunt spent over ten years working in a variety of key financial roles. He spent six years with leading Internet advertising company,, where he was European Finance Director responsible for managing all financial functions across the company as well as managing the financial integration of a European acquisition.


“The experience of both men will be invaluable for Clash-Media at a time when the Online Lead Generation market is going through a period of strong growth,” commented Simon Wacjenberg, CEO, Clash-Media. “Putting in place a strong director-level team will enable Clash-Media to continue with its growth drive while maintaining its position as field leader. Clash-Media has enjoyed significant year-on-year growth since its launch in 2006 and Luke Pursey has been an integral part of that success. In addition to Luke, with his proven track-record and impressive financial experience, Stephen Hunt will play a pivotal role in supporting our global expansion.”


Stephen Hunt, Financial Director, Clash-Media: “When I heard about Clash-Media and its new digital marketing techniques I found it very interesting. The Online Lead Generation market is expected to grow tremendously over the next few years and I am delighted to be joining at such an exciting time.”




9 January 2008

Clash-Media launches powerful new Digital Marketing solution for Financial Services organisations

* Delivers timely, targeted and fully profiled online customer leads to dramatically improve conversion rates
* Follows successful campaigns for Firstplus, MBNA and Ocean Finance

Clash-Media, the UK’s leading Online Lead Generation organisation, has launched a powerful new digital marketing solution specifically for financial service companies. For the first time it will enable banking and finance organisations to access highly measurable direct marketing, which delivers high volumes of quality leads via Clash-Media’s Lead and Data Network. Online Lead Generation campaigns provide hot leads that can be rapidly converted , giving financial organisations a significant competitive advange in a fast-paced industry. Clash-Media currently manages regular campaigns for leading financial organisations including Firstplus, MBNA and Ocean Finance.


Clash-Media’s campaigns are developed based on the demographics and characteristics of the people its clients would most like to target. These are then displayed via Clash-Media’s Lead and Data Network – which comprises over 500 Websites and publishers including GMTV, Tiscali and Myspace. Clash-Media then uses leading-edge technology to verify and cleanse the leads, which are delivered directly to the financial organisation. The speed of turnaround in combination with the quality of the leads, means businesses are more likely to have successful conversions.


“Over the last few months, there has been a growing demand from finance companies looking to expand on their online marketing techniques and exploit every opportunity – which is why we have developed this service,” commented Diana Herriott, Marketing Director for Clash-Media.


“While pay per click and key word searches are often very successful, many companies are finding that it can become a very expensive way of generating interest in a brand. The advantage of Online Lead Generation is that companies can qualify a set of leads before they have even paid for them. For example, a company may only want to target a certain demographic of people based on how much they earn per year, and because we have a fully opted-in lead process and strict verification procedures it enables us to do just that and produce the highest quality of leads for the client.”


Clash-Media adds to its one million-plus database of consumer leads at a rate of 200,000 per month, all of whom fully opt-in, and have provided detailed profiles on their interests. Clash-Media’s key accounts currently include Whiskas, Toyota, Cheapflights, AXA and Orange.




11 December 2007

Clash-Media launches new Online Lead Generation service for charities

* Delivers larger numbers of fully qualified and double opted-in leads
* Will help UK and International Charities build recognition and donations

Clash-Media, the UK’s leading Online Lead Generation organisation, has announced a new service specifically tailored for the precise requirements of charities. It gives charity organisations an easy way to use state-of-the-art Online Lead Generation techniques to receive large numbers of fully qualified leads via Clash-Media's industry-leading Lead and Data Network.


Clash-Media’s design team will create and execute campaigns based on the demographics and characteristics of people most likely to become involved with particular charities. These will be carried throughout its large Lead and Data Network which already provides high quantities of quality leads for commercial organisations. Clash-Media then uses leading-edge technology to verify and cleanse the leads which are delivered directly to the charity’s contact centre or sales force. The speed of turnaround, in combination with the quality of the leads, means they are more likely to be successfully converted.


“There are many charities in the UK and worldwide that do incredible work, but struggle for awareness and funding,” commented Simon Wajcenberg, CEO of Clash-Media. “The only way they can get more funds and participation is through marketing campaigns. Modern Online Lead Generation techniques mean that they do not have to waste unnecessary cost on blanket campaigns that have low conversion rates, but focus their marketing efforts on people who have already stated an interest in their charity. The hot leads that we can provide are likely to carry a far higher success rate because of the methods we use to collect and cleanse them.”


“The approach to generating leads for charities is different to that for commercial campaigns. We have spent a lot of development time on creating an approach that is effective for charity organisations, and with this new specialist service we can make it economically available to every organisation in the UK and internationally,” continued Simon Wajcenberg.


Current charities that Clash-Media is working with include WWF, Action Age and NSPCC. Throughout the commercial sector Clash-Media delivers campaigns for clients including Whiskas, Toyota and Next.





5th November 2007

A4U Expo discussion panel identifies Online Lead Generation as biggest growth area in affiliate marketing

* Speakers included Diana Herriott, Affiliate Marketing Director, Clash-Media
* Online leads are targeted, relevant and provide higher conversion rates compared to other marketing forms

A recent discussion panel at affiliate marketing conference, A4U Expo, has highlighted lead generation as one of the biggest growth areas in affiliate marketing, with Online Lead Generation set to double in size by 2009. Speaking on the panel was Diana Herriott, Affiliate Marketing Director at Clash-Media, the UK’s leading Online Lead Generation organisation, who welcomed industry’s growth as proof that it had overcome early doubts about the reliability of online leads


Online Lead Generation provides highly targeted, relevant leads, which produce higher conversion rates compared to most methods of direct marketing. It has overcome concerns about lead quality and relevance to become one of the most rapidly growing facets of direct marketing – set to be worth over £2 billion by the end of next year. Traditional online data collection has earned the medium a bad reputation, with incentivised leads providing companies with irrelevant data. Using Online Lead Generation, advertisers can specify exactly which data they would like to receive – for example women aged over 30 living within the M25 – and they will only receive leads which fulfil this criteria.


“Part of the problem with Online Lead Generation stems from the fact that some early players specialised in incentivised data collection, with people only participating to win a prize, not because they have a genuine interest in the product,” commented Diana Herriott, Affiliate Marketing Director, Clash-Media. “However at Clash-Media we specialise in non-incentivised leads, so advertisers know that all the data they receive originates from a genuine interest in the campaign. Our leads are fully opted-in, so are contactable, and the data can be transferred straight to a company’s contact centre and instantly followed up. The lead is contacted while it’s still hot, which results in far higher conversion rates.


“Speakers on the panel discussion identified quality as a huge barrier for companies choosing Online Lead Generation,” continued Diana Herriott. “All the data which we collect online is qualified and subjected to a rigorous cleansing process before it is delivered to the client. So all the leads recevied have been vetted to ensure they are good quality and relevant. Our online campaigns are completely measurable and very flexible – they can be switched on and off instantly in line with their success or with marketing budgets – something which differentiates Online Lead Generation from other forms of direct marketing.”


Clash-Media uses its own Lead and Data Network – the largest in the UK – to provide large volumes of unincentivised data, which ensures high quality leads for its clients. It adds to its one million-plus database of consumer leads at a rate of 200,000 per month, all of whom fully opt-in, and have provided detailed profiles on their interests. Clash-Media’s key accounts currently include Cheapflights, Whiskas, Toyota, AXA and Orange.




19th October 2007

Clash-Media helps DLG achieve conversion rates of up to 46 per cent

* Targeted and profiled lists dramatically improve conversion rates
* Quick turnaround and high volumes of leads ensure targets are met
* Clash-Media’s creative advice ensures emails are delivered

Clash-Media, the UK’s leading online lead generation company, has announced a major agreement with data owner DLG, who continues to build its pioneering UK consumer marketing data hub with major partners such as Friends Reunited. DLG has included email campaigns featuring Clash-Media’s unique non-incentivised, fully opted-in lead and data network to its already successful collection methods of online, postal and telephone marketing and so far is benefiting from conversion rates of up to 46 per cent.


DLG specialises in targeted consumer data, which it collects through its consumer lifestyle surveys. The DLG ‘data-hub’ combines millions of volunteered lifestyle responses from many sources – data which DLG then selects to fit its clients’ specific requirements. DLG approached Clash-Media to bolster its email data collection, and DLG now rents their data on a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) basis. Clash-Media compiles its lists from its lead and data network and combines this with a 4-stage data cleansing process which produces higher quality leads and a far higher conversion rate. DLG now sends out roughly two email campaigns per month and is also integrated into Clash-Media’s landing page, which provides it with ongoing marketing activity.


“Clash-Media is a key part of the volume of online data we receive”, commented Richard Webster, Group Communications Director, DLG. “Not only do they provide comprehensive lists of fresh data every time we send out a mailing, they listen to our targets and provide the amount of leads we need quickly – and the data converts positively. The guys at Clash-Media also ensure our emails make it through the stringent junk-mail barriers. They give advice on email subject lines and tags, so that as many emails as possible actually reach the recipients.”


“Our main goal with a DLG campaign is to ensure it meets targets quickly, and with valuable data”, commented Simon Wacjenberg, CEO, Clash-Media. “This means not only ensuring the emails are sent to a valid list, but also that they are not sucked into junk filters. Deliverability is a huge issue in email marketing, and we try to make sure our clients are getting the highest deliverability on their emails as possible by offering the best advice we can. Something as simple as not using the words ‘free’ or ‘win’ in the subject line, or not having too many images in the copy, can make the difference between an email being delivered, and an email being lost”.


“We are very happy with the results we are achieving with Clash-Media”, Richard Webster, DLG continued. “The campaigns always generate quality leads with excellent conversion rates – and are very cost effective. Working closely with executives at Clash-Media on the creative side of things boosts our email success even further and keeps us going back. We look forward to continuing our success with Clash-Media in future marketing campaigns”.




Clash-Media announces three new appointments to support rapid company growth

* New starters bring over six years industry experience
* Will join Clash-Media’s Marketing and Account Management Departments

Clash-Media, the UK’s leading online lead generation company, has announced three new appointments to support its increasing company growth. Carly Hewett and Lucy Hattersley will join the Account Management Department and Sophie Taylor will join the Marketing Team. The new appointments follow the opening of new offices in Scandinavia and New York.


Carly Hewett will head up Clash-Media’s Account Management Team. She previously worked as Team Leader for the Account Management Team at direct marketing company IPT for over two years, where she managed the sales support team and all areas of customer accounts. Lucy Hattersley has also joined Clash-Media as an Account Manager having previously worked at IPT in a similar management role. Carly Hewett and Lucy Hattersley will be responsible for growing Clash-Media’s key accounts, which currently include Cheapflights, Whiskas, Toyota, AXA and Orange.


Sophie Taylor joins Clash-Media’s Marketing Team from Adpepper – an interactive direct marketing and technology solutions company – where she was Media Planner and Buyer for over three years. Sophie Taylor’s valuable knowledge and experience in online media planning and buying will enable Clash-Media to expand its current online marketing activity.


“The new appointments have been brought about by the rapid growth of Clash-Media over the past few months,” commented Simon Wajcenberg, CEO, Clash-Media. “The market is continuing to grow as more and more people recognise the benefits of online lead generation. By employing experts in the fields of data capture and online media, we are ensuring that we can offer our clients the very best service, while maintaining our position as UK field leaders as we continue to grow.”




16 July 2007

Clash-Media now generates over 1 million online B2C sales leads/month

* e-Consultancy research shows the most effective forms of lead generation are all online
* New Online lead generation techniques now an effective replacement for traditional postal and telephone-based campaigns

London, UK – Clash-Media, the UK’s leading and largest Lead and Data Network, has announced that it now produces more than one million online B2C sales leads every month for its clients in a wide range of industries. Clash-Media uses lead generation to provide its clients with a quick sales conversion path, by immediately passing leads directly to clients, enabling follow-up contact to be made within minutes of interest being registered. This boosts the efficiency of their marketing initiatives and avoid the limitations now associated with traditional postal and telephone data-gathering campaigns.


Clash-Media uses its own Lead and Data Network – the largest in the UK – to provide large volumes of unincentivised data, which ensures high quality leads for its clients. Clash-Media can enable high conversion rates on the leads it provides because all information is opt-in data, and it uses its own unique and automated cleansing software to ensure only relevant information is passed on. Lead generation is the most effective medium to generate opt-ins, as opposed to telephone and postal options which are restricted by preference services that forbid companies from contacting consumers that have registered a blanket opt-out.


“Online Lead Generation is highly effective for companies that need large numbers of new, high quality leads on a weekly or monthly basis,” commented Simon Wajcenberg, CEO, Clash-Media. “We have developed our service using new and innovative technology so that we can provide our clients with cleansed, relevant information on customer leads that have gone through an unincentivised opt-in process. This makes marketing campaigns more effective, and they can become faster because we are able to pass leads directly to contact centres as soon as we get them – or whenever our client prefers to receive them. This enables our customers to grow their businesses organically in a shorter space of time.”


The e-Consultancy research – Online Lead Generation (B2C), 2007 – shows that only 44 per cent of marketers say that their organisation effectively exploits online lead generation as a way of growing their B2C business. In addition, 47 per cent of marketers know that their organisations are not exploiting lead generation. A major barrier is the understanding that many businesses have of the benefits.


“Online lead generation is still a relatively young industry, and many organisations do not have the visibility of the tremendous benefits that a campaign of this type can deliver,” added Simon Wajcenberg. “We have many clients who have high levels of success using our campaigns, and what we have to do now is show more people how their businesses can grow and prosper in the same ways. Clash-Media is a rapidly expanding company, and we are increasingly more capable of satisfying any marketing campaign requirements.”